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Prof. Jean-Luc Schanen

Speech Topic

Design of Power Electronic Converters: Beyond Topology

"Predesign method in Power electronics: application to a wide input and output voltage range Interleaved Buck Converter"
During the early step of a project development, a huge number of parameters are not decided, and requirements for power supply are often undefined, and can be negotiated. A large number of degrees of freedom can be used for designing the power converter, which all impact the final performance of the whole system, as power density or efficiency. In this preliminary study phase, with often very short deadlines, it is not possible to perform a full design of the converter to evaluate all performances, and give a feedback to the system designer about the impact of some specific choice. Therefore, there is a need of a dedicated design strategy, allowing quickly obtaining a good idea of the converter performances. This presentation will introduce the concept of predesign in an imaginary world for power electronics, allowing quick design procedures. The methodology will be illustrated in details for an aerospace application, the stratobus project, and verified by experimental measurements.


Prof. Jean-Luc Schanen obtained his PHD in January 1994, from University of Grenoble Alps. He is Professor at Grenoble Institute of Technology since 2003, and is currently leading the Power Electronics Research group. He is also deputy director of the Engineering school Energy, Water and Environment.
The research activities of Dr Schanen are focused on EMC of Power Electronics systems. His group develops models and tools for Power Converters optimization. Dr Schanen published more than 200 papers. He is Senior Member of the IEEE society and involved in many committees of famous Power Electronics Conferences and Journals.