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Power Electronics and Applications

  1. Power electronics for renewable energy
  2. Distributed generation and micro-grids
  3. New converter topologies and control
  4. Resonant converters
  5. Matrix converters
  6. Multi-level converters
  7. Converters for special applications
  8. Power supplies and energy storage systems
  9. Power quality and EMI/EMC issues and solutions
  10. Power electronics in power systems
  11. Modelling, simulation and control of power converters
  12. Power semiconductor devices
  13. Integration, packaging and thermal management
  14. Wireless power transmission
  15. Pulsed power
  16. Biomedical power electronics
  17. Fault management and reliability of power converters
  18. Education in power electronics
  19. Power electronics in electrical transportation
  20. Power electronics for future networks and micro-grids

Electrical Drives

  • Design and optimization of electrical machines
  • Adjustable speed drives
  • Special electrical machines and drives
  • Condition monitoring and diagnosis of electrical machines
  • Sensors and observers for electrical drives
  • Drives for traction/propulsion systems
  • Marine and submarine drives
  • Mechatronics, motion control and robotics